Brand Story

The brand Chiara Forthi was born in 2012 at the online fashion company Bubbleroom. In the beginning Chiara was a funny experiment. Two enthusiastic employees could not find eye-catching dresses in Bubbleroom’s assortment. They started to create by themselves and the response from the customers were amazingly positive. Today there are three full time employees who works with Chiara and the collection includes over 100 styles for each season.

The Chiara-customer is full of contrasts. One day she wears tight shaped clothes with high heels and the other day she prefer oversized clothes with comfy sneakers. This customer also reflects the DNA of Chiara – the collection provides a variety with styles of pretty bow decorated tops and at the same time styles like odd sweatpants. Chiara offers clothes to customers that have an attitude and want to stand out from the crowd. A Chiara-girl does not follow trends – she might start them.

Chiara Forthi’s range differs between the seasons. The spring collections are focused on prom and graduation dresses in contrast to the autumn collection which main focus is outerwear and soft, warming clothes.

Our vision is to be one of the leading actors on the market, offering different fashion compared to the global giants. Every style we produce shall have something special, such as cute or cool  details. We will regardfully be listening to our customers and the brand will be adapt according to their wishes.

Access the full collection at one of our retailer’s website: Chiara Forthi